Gopuram Brand Clay Tiles: 62 Years of Trust!

Why you should buy Gopuram Brand Clay Tiles for your Home

1. Choicest Clay

We select the best clay for our tiles from the area around us as the best clay makes best tiles. Clay from various sources are mixed in tested proportions to get the best combination. The clay is mined from environmentally friendly and sustainable sources in a way not affecting the environment.

Benefit for Customers: The tiles are strong, can withstand weather effects better, are resistant to abrasion and the surface of the tile will develop a sheen with usage.

How to Check: The tiles, if struck with a metal rod, will produce a metallic sound. Hang the tile by holding by pinching one corner of the tile and strike the middle portion with a very small metal hammer or a large key. The tile should produce a uni-tone metallic sound. If it is made of inferior clay or has cracks, it will produce a more dull sound.

2. Extensive Preparation of Clay

We purify the clay of impurities like large stones, sticks, roots and grass. Then it is left for two weeks to cure and season. Then we mix, crush and homogenize the clay. Only tiles made from extensively prepared clay can form a uniform smooth surface. They are more dense and less porous. 

Benefit for Customers: The tiles look uniform and smooth on the surface and edges, without any visible lumps or protrusions. Dense tiles absorb less water and are more durable.

How to Check: Take a tile and dry it in a hot area or oven. Weigh it accurately (Original Weight). Then immerse the tile in water for 24 hrs. Then wipe the tile and weigh it. Difference in weight (Change in Weight) is the water absorbed by the tile. Absorption % = Change in Weight / Original Weight. ISI standard specifies maximum as 16%. Our tiles absorb 12.5%.

3. Process Control

Our manufacturing process is rigorously controlled. At each stage, parameters important to quality are measured and controlled. We employ HMI, SCADA and Computerised PID Control in our manufacturing process.

Benefit for Customers: The quality of the tile will be consistent and uniform. You can trust us to deliver good quality year after year! Proper firing ensures a long service life of the tile.

4. In-House Laboratory

We have an in-house ceramic laboratory to test the tiles on a regular basis. Water absorption, flexural strength, dimensional uniformity etc. of the tiles are continually tested. Raw materials are also extensively tested to ensure best tile quality.

5. Honest Sorting of Grades

Sorting is done manually by our trained personnel. They adhere to strict sorting in the interest of customers. The tiles are graded into Standard, Commercial and Economy grades. We strive to ensure that the quality that you order is the quality that you receive.

6. Proven Track Record of Gopuram Brand

We are in the business of making clay tiles from 1958! We have always given priority to qualty all these years! Our customer testimonials stand proof to this.

Benefit for Customers: Quality you can Trust!