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Ceiling Tile for Single Groove Roof Tile (12x8)

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12x8 Ceiling Tile Gopuram


Used on wooden or iron fabrication for under single groove roof tiles for aesthetic appeal and thermal insulation.By using a single purling ( support) you can fix both roof tile as well as ceiling tiles, which will give you aesthetically appealing functional roof.

Additional Description


Ceiling Tile Rear V​iew :​​​​​​


Ceiling Tile Rear View










Ceiling Tile Full View :


Ceiling Tile Full View


Ceiling Tile With Measurement :

Ceiling Tile With Measurement 



How to lay ceiling tiles under roof tiles using a single purling?

is used on wooden or iron fabrication


Type 1:

Ceiling Tile Laying Pattern 1


Type 2:

Ceiling Tile Laying Pattern 2












  12x8 Ceiling Tile Gopuram


   1.9 kg

            1.5 pcs / sq. ft., 15.77 pcs / sq. m.