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Terrace Clay Tiles - Weathering Course - Eco Tile

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12x12 Eco Weathering Course - Terrace Clay Tile

Tiles for laying on the open terrace. Can withstand the effect of rain and sun to protect and weather proof your home. 

  • Highly Durable - 58 Years of Reputation!
  • Can withstand Rough Weather
  • Protects the Building
  • Better Thermal Insulation than Concrete
  • Keeps the House Cool & Saves Electricity for Cooling
  • Most Economical and Eco-Friendly
Additional Description

Made of dense machine-processed clay, the Weathering Course Tiles protects the concrete roof slab or Madras-terrace from the effects of rain and sun all round the year, for years. Not water proofing the terrace can cause rain water to damage the roof slab and the ceiling, leading to costly repairs later on.

The terrace clay tiles can be painted with exterior sealer followed by light grey or any light colored exterior paint to further reduce heat absorption from sunlight. Cool your roof to reduce heat indoors by reducing sunlight absorption. Clay tiles for terrace have the best durability. 

The tiles are available in sizes of 9x9 and 12x12.


12x12 Square Eco Weathering Course:

Dimensions: 306 x 306 x 16 mm
Weight: 2.8 Kg
Coverage: 1 pcs/ sq.ft; 10.3 pcs/ sq.m [6mm Grout]

9x9 Square Eco Weathering Course:

Dimensions: 233 x 233 x 16 mm
Weight: 1.62kg
Coverage: 1.7 pcs/ sq.ft 18 pcs/ sq.m [6mm Grout]

Note: The tiles are not suitable for freezing or sub-zero temperatures.