Gopuram Brand Clay Tiles: 62 Years of Trust!

Weathering Course

Weathering Course - Pressed Clay Tile for Weather Proofing the Terrace of Building. Offers protection from rains, water seepage and thermal insulation from sun. 

12x12 Eco Weathering Course - Terrace Clay Tile Terrace Clay Tiles - Weathering Course - Eco Tile

Tiles for laying on the open terrace. Can withstand the effect of rain and sun to protect and weather proof your home. 

  • Highly Durable - 58 Years of Reputation!
  • Can withstand Rough Weather
  • Protects the Building
  • Better Thermal Insulation than Concrete
  • Keeps the House Cool & Saves Electricity for Cooling
  • Most Economical and Eco-Friendly